London Floor Hockey – 2012

What a GREAT year!

Coach Dean and I had a fantastic season with our floor hockey team! We practiced very hard every Wednesday, and did it ever pay off for us in the end! We played a couple exhibition games against the Windsor Police. I would like to thank anyone who participated, we truly enjoy playing you! The LaSalle Spirit really showed off their shoot out skills! We have some great shooters on our team! We travelled to Chatham to play their floor hockey team and had lunch afterwards. We took a couple penalties but all in all it was a pretty even match! They are great competitors! We won 2 out of the 3 games! GO LASALLE! After this game we knew there were some key things to focus on in practices before we travelled to London for the tournament. On April 28th we went to London , our first game started at 9 am! We had opening ceremonies stretched out and got on the floor for our first game. The Spirit came out strong with a big win. The team was on fire. We had a bit of a break before moving onto our second game. This was a little bit harder; our competitors were ready to win as well! In the end we won 2 – 1! After winning this game it advanced us to the finals where we fought extremely hard but lost by one! We are definitely ready for next year’s tournament! Once again I truly enjoyed coaching and thank you to everyone who made this year amazing! I look forward to many more years!