London Softball Tournament – Sunday, June 23, 2013

Both softball teams participated in the tournament and both placed 1st in their division.

Both teams played 4 games in extreme hot weather.

There were a few athletes suffering from heat exhaustion and 2 minor injuries with my team.

During the break, the softball teams and coaches surprised coach Janet with a birthday cake.

The my team was undefeated! They played Simcoe, Brantford, London and Stratford

The coaches were really pleased with Coach Janets team as for some athletes it was their 1st tournament. They remembered everything they were taught at weekly practices!

Thank you to all coaches and volunteers for making this a successful tournament for the LaSalle Spirits Club!

Coach Marie

It was a hot day for our tournament but the teams were up for it. My Team worked very hard in the first 2 games to win them both. We had awesome pitching from Paul Jr, great fielding in all positions and some very nice hits and also some very good judgment in going for the walk so that they were able to convert the walk into a run coming in to home.

After lunch the team was in tough as the temperatures soared and we still managed a tie with the other team. The final game I think everyone was ready to throw in the towel but they still made a brilliant effort and managed to finish the game.

We came away with a 2 wins, 1 tie and 1 loss to win the gold medal, how impressive. Coach Marie was happy to hear that all the things we worked on at practice, were being done in the games.

Thanks to all the athletes for the effort, we are very proud of you. Thanks to the assistant coaches for your help and all the parents for your cheering and support, especially Mark V for taking over the coaching in the final game.

Until Next Time

Coach Janet