We had a good practice yesterday and today we started with 100 prelims. I am excited to say that three athletes are in the A finals and one is in the B finals. A and B finals will be on Thursday afternoon.
Jasmyn placed first in her heat and third overall. Her time is 15.00 now for the big news; Peter broke the Canada Games record in the prelims. His time was 12.18. Tomorrow will be the prelims for the 200m. Since we raced all the athletes from the other provinces, I believe we have a good chance of medals. It is nice to see other athletes from Ontario cheering on all the athletes from Ontario. The track here is awesome.

Jasmyn ran first in the 200 m Jas placed third in her heat of a time of 30.92. She was thrilled as she said that was a PB for her. How exciting. She is fourth overall for A finals. Peter broke another Canada games record. His time is 24.80. Every one of the athletes are enjoying the experience and getting involved. I will explain the A and B finals for our special O events. First two days were prelim for 100 and 200 m races. From there they go to the finals of A or B. Top 8 go to A finals. The top three athletes in the A finals will get a beautiful medal. The B finals will also get points toward getting the Canada games flag. Canada games flag is the Overall winner of all the sports/games. Ontario has lost it only twice over the years. The girls are with their parents.

Now the races are on and Team O (Ontario) is cheering and ringing the bell for our athletes the ladies in the A finals. Jacqueline was nervous and Jasmyn was cool as a cucumber and they both wanted this race. They both had a great start and Jasmyn was in the lead. In the end Jasmyn came in third and Jacqueline came in 6th their times were-Jacqueline 15.96 and Jasmyn was really happy as her time came down to 14.88. Go Special O Go……

For TSN, Peter, Jasmyn and I were interviewed. That broadcast will be on TV. We all have been having a great experience and I have learned a lot.
We are starting Jasmyn at 1:10. I have a dream team here. I cannot say enough that the athletes are doing well and want to learn.

The girls had a hard race. All the girls in that heat did well. Jasmyn had high expectations that she would medal. She placed 4th and was trying hard to make that 3rd place. 200m Times 30.92 to 31.12. Needless to say she was not a happy camper. But a good heart to heart, Jasmyn came back to be her bubbly self. She is ranked 4th in Canada.

Congratulations Jasmyn.

Coach Renee, athletics coach Special Olympics Ontario