SOO London Open Golf Tournament Monday August 11, 2014 At the Fox Golf Club

Great participation at the London Golf Tournament, 72 Golfers from our Region participated. They said this was the biggest Golf Tournament that has ever been put on. Windsor Masters had 8 athletes that participated. These Golfers are called Eagles because they can all play 9 holes of golf with little or any assistance. Some of our athletes got Medals and the rest received ribbons. All of our Athletes did amazing. Parents who attended got to be Caddies for their child which was great that they could support and be their scorekeeper. The rain held back during the whole tournament. It was overcast with some wind. When we all left the parking lot after it was done, it started to rain. Talk about luck! Great day for all the Athletes, Parents and Coaches. Looking forward to next year Tournament.
Sloane Crease
Head Coach
LWSO Masters