Floor Hockey Tournament –Stratford

The floor hockey tournament in Stratford was a small one this time. With only 3 teams including us competing, the organizers were extremely happy when we arrived at 9:35am. A little late as it snowed the whole way there and we got stuck behind a snow plow when we were almost there.

We played 2 games one after the other and then it was lunch. After lunch, the organizers had picked 3 athletes from each team to compete in a 5 shot shoot out on different goalies. You did not shoot on your own goalie. When the dust settled, Rene B our goalie came in 2nd in saves and all 3 of our shooters, Ronnie O, Jordan Mc and Wyatt W all received a 1st for getting the most goals.

After the shootout, we played in a knock out round and survived the first against Stratford 8 – 1 and then also downing Guelph 5-4 to win the tournament.

We were also able to get home in good time and beat the fog that arrived with the sun going down.

Coach Janet